A Surf Session for Sam

I wrote this piece back in 2002 about my brother, and found it while I was going through some of my old work while I was doing some spring cleaning today. As teenagers we would spend most of our summers up and down the coast in San Diego surfing. This poem is based of a memory that remained locked in my mind – we  were surfing on a summer evening during sunset and there are certain moments that are graced with perfection, this was one of them. This also served as an inspiration for one of the scenes that appears in The Damned May Enter:

A Surf Session for Sam

Dear brother –

I’d uncloak the heavens for you tonight

and wrap you in the warmth

of the waning day’s lucid heat,

to watch your dance upon the breakers.


The Pacific longs to hide you

behind her glass curtains

as you caress her cool face,

sharing the secrets of motion and balance

buoyance and baptism.


I’d rob the westward sun

of all his burning gold

and cast it over those waters

graced by your effortless glide.


A generous thief,

his wealth is only precious to me

as a gift for you,

to watch your dance upon the breakers.


© Jedidiah Paschall



8 thoughts on “A Surf Session for Sam

  1. I absolutely love your reflections. Looking back to go forward w/ greater clarity & fire 🔥 I see you’re bubbling like champagne my friend

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks Beth! I am working on more poetry. This week has been a prolific one, but I’ll have to spend some more time listening for the words before they come. I’ll be publishing more as soon as I can!


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