Light Me Up – Release by Kyme Dang



I have had the pleasure of getting to know my friend Kyme Dang, a wonderfully talented artist, fashion designer, and musician through San Diego Kingdom Writer’s Association over the past year or so. Kyme is releasing her new EP, EPOCH on March 20. Kyme’s music is lyrically compelling and reminiscent of some of Common and Lauryn Hill’s soulful hip-hop. She released her single Light Me Up today, and it does not disappoint. I highly recommend checking it out and supporting this powerhouse of an artist.

Here’s the Link to the mp3 file available for download: Light Me Up


The War On Drugs…

No, I’m not talking about that war, which is tantamount to a war on the people. I am talking about the band – The War On Drugs. Had it not been for the sage advice of my younger brother Sam I would never have heard of this band. Now that I have had the chance to listen through their albums, all I can say is this band is drips with artistic, musical, and lyrical excellence. If you are a fan of Bob Dylan, especially his later collaborations with Daniel Lanois (e.g. Time out of Mind), you are going to dig The War On Drugs layered tracks that blend old-school devotion to the craft with a cutting-edge sensibility. That said, sometimes there are songs that hit like a carpet bomb of beauty with an incandescence that is so radiant it aches. Instead of waxing rhapsodic, I’ll cut to the chase here – the lyrics to the track ‘Strangest Thing’  on their recently released album A Deeper Understanding that hit me like a sledgehammer, here’s a sample:

I recognize every face

But I ain’t got everything I need

If I’m just living in the space between

The beauty and the pain

It’s the strangest thing


Here’s the track in full, enjoy: