Lenten Hymn

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Lenten Hymn

Midwinter frost on the predawn window peers out into darkness

through the mists of time to Sinai’s mountain;

where the darkness of God roars from the secret place of thunder,

the sound of boulders crack and tumble over the cobblestones of

a storm-tossed shore.

Moses recalls the consuming Fire of the bush unburned,

awaiting a greater Light to blaze in the darkness.


Lenten snow blankets the pocked mounds and craters

on the field of Verdun,

forgotten bones lay in frozen silence beneath,

their cries unable to break the ground above.

The raven call in the surrounding wood beckons his flock to feed

on the carrion of a nameless beast.


The red dust and blood-stained sepulchers in the Valley of Vision

full of rusting bones that tarry  –

watchmen in the long night for dawn’s breaking,

to hear Ezekiel’s divine utterance –

the alchemy of Aionian fire to purge and quicken their frames

with flesh unalloyed, golden, drossless into undying Zion.


Jude, whose brow was crowned with Pentecostal fire,

whose tongue uttered ecstatic songs we long to sing,

remember us who wander lost in the hopeless wastes

perceiving only darkness and thunder on the holy hill,

pining to behold that Fire within.


Origen, who now reclines at the celestial banquet to feast on grace,

help our hearts bear the bitter truth in the wilderness we now trod –

that which is most beautiful is most maligned.


Julian teach us the behovliness of this broken world,

that soon, soon the Aionian fire shall make

all manner of things well

and burn away the rot that wracks all that is wretched within.


Good Shepherd gather your lost on a thousand hills to the lonely peak of


Let us at last hear the seraph’s song that kindles joy in the hearing;

Until at long last all creation is alight with unceasing incandescence of

Pentecostal Fire.

© Jedidiah Paschall

Ad Fontes:

St. Gregory of NyssaThe Life of Moses

St. Jude – Patron Saint of Lost Causes

Origen of AlexandriaSee Article – ‘Saint Origen’  by David Bentley Hart

Julian of NorwichRevelations of Divine Love

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