The Damned May Enter – A Novel

My forthcoming novel is titled The Damned May Enter.  The book is a genre-bending work apocalyptic fiction set in a time of global upheaval. Imagine something along the line of Dan Simmons’ Hyperion Cantos, Dante’s Divine Comedy,  Milton’s Paradise Lost, and John Steinbeck’s East of Eden. The Damned May Enter is a prelude to the end of the world. This work shatters mold of contemporary end-times fiction. TDME is an attempt at serious literature that will challenge and delight the reader at an intellectual and spiritual level. For those looking for predictions about what will come to pass in the future, this is not what TDME is about –  it doesn’t spell out what will happen at the end of the world. Instead, it probes into the meaning not only of ‘the end’ but the meaning of history and what it means to be human. It will take you on a harrowing adventure of the Brandt brothers as they struggle to discover their calling and to rise above family tragedy to walk with purpose in a perilous world.