Mother Among Saints

For January


The stars peer through tiny holes poked in the black night

to remind you that Light shines beyond the darkness,

upon the dark within,

where the lonely road winds through the

waterless wasteland.


Still, you are graced with quiet motion

and courage in the silent moment,

with outstretched wings to embrace  with furious love –

A son with a wounded heart and a tender soul;

A son whose wild fire irradiates a sweet spirit;

A daughter whose eyes dance with precious life.


In the lonely hour you are in the company of saints –

the snow capped peaks of San Gorgonio and San Jacinto,

the green hills of San Marcos that flow into Escondido’s hidden valley,

the shores of San Diego where broken shafts of the westward sun

pour through fire-kissed clouds that bruise the evening sky

and scatter upon the blue Pacific –

You are surrounded by the saints and wrapped in Heaven-shine

that fills your home and reminds you

that the world is full of stillness and motion and light

and so are you.


© Jedidiah Paschall




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