A Reformed Case for Universalism

Fr. Kimel kindly invited me to write up an article on Reformed Universalism for his site, Eclectic Orthodoxy. I hope this is thought provoking for those in my Reformed community especially.

Eclectic Orthodoxy

by Jedidiah Paschall

I am neither a scholar nor the son of a scholar. In truth, I am a son of a plumber, a Bible College dropout typically content to work away at fiction and poetry. This is not to say that I have not studied these matters carefully or that I am unprepared to make a bold, honest, and conscientious defense for the truth as I understand it. I have been asked to make a Reformed case for apokatastasis (universal salvation), and my own limitations notwith­standing, I shall make an effort to argue that the Calvinist tradition must engage this theological position without cavalier dismissal because the coherence of the Reformed system of doctrine is at stake. The only reason why I hazard these scholarly waters is because the matter at hand is anything but academic; it cuts to the heart of a matter of first importance – namely…

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2 thoughts on “A Reformed Case for Universalism

  1. Hey Jedidiah – was just looking at your post to Fr. Kimel’s site from 2019…
    Just curious – are you familiar with Peter Sterry? As a former PCA pastor – I was recently shocked to discover that one of the Westminster Divines was a Christian Universalists (from Robin Parry’s A Larger Hope)…

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  2. Yes! I about fell out of my chair when I read that. But, I also think he’s probably following a more hopeful thread of Reformed theology going back to Bullinger and the 2nd Helvetic Confession. It left me wishing Reformed theology had developed along these lines, where folks like Sterry could have had a stronger voice within the tradition.

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