The Journey Below


Go, go on raven wings wafting in the night.

Go where dragon fire flows upon the Acheron,

Where Leviathan lurks in the mingling waters of Phlegethon.

Violent whispers – their only venom

There are no teeth, no claws, only the echoes of desperation,

But the fire is yours until the thoughtless is purged to thought.




Tread, tread with empty hands and fearless feet;

Tread across the hazy moors of Hades,

Where shades haunt the mounds and rocks

All history rests there, and rests in you

All shadows, all fears are yours

And your path alone to tread.



Sail, sail the unknown seas that lap and roil

In the unthinking mind.

Become Magellan drawn by mystery

Into the abysmal fountains,

Where young memories grow old

And time crawls on until the arresting moment

Makes them young again.



Rest, rest upon the wind tossed hills

Down in that world below,

And watch the wars that rage

Between saints and monsters

That pull the passions around the impassive flame,

And know the bellicose Alchemy that gives breath to soul

Will lead your weary eyes to rest at last.


© Jedidiah Paschall


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