How to Read the Bible from a Universalist Perspective

Protestant scholar Thomas Talbott presents a solid interpretative framework for universalism, interacting with several respected Protestant scholars in this helpful summary.

Eclectic Orthodoxy

by Thomas Talbott, Ph.D.


I begin with a confession. For I must confess here at the outset that I am now utterly confident in the exegetical case for a universalist reading of the Bible as a whole, and I am also persuaded that the standard arguments against such a reading are wholly untenable. I say this because virtually every opposing argument I have encountered seems to me badly flawed in one of two ways: either it rests upon a rather elementary logical confusion, or it is easily reversed in a way I’ll try to explain in due course. But given that I am neither an expert in the languages of the Bible nor an expert in the historical background of its various documents, how can I so confidently (or even reasonably) reject so many arguments of so many distinguished scholars who read the Bible very differently than we…

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