Seven Sketches for Inter Æons


I am working on a larger piece of poetry, which will take me a good deal of time to complete. I enjoy the poetic process because, if nothing else it affords me the opportunity return to my most natural state; namely the exploration in that liminal zone where I can test the limits of sanity in search of truth. The trick is not to get lost there – I suppose the embers of madness will always burn in my mind.

I use the Haiku form to sketch poetic works I intend to develop further in the future, as well as some directed narrative reflections. What I share here is by no means complete, instead it should give the readers of this blog a sense of the project I am working on. It should be a fun process of sharing some of these fragments as the larger work, which I hope will survey the history of salvation between Eden and the Heavenly Zion, takes shape.

Sketches for Inter Æons

I. The Eternal Law

First in Beauty’s Truth –

The Infinite must also be

the first in power.

II. Our First Garden

Enlightenment’s Age

is a return to Eden

And to our first fall.

III. Chaos Theory

The negative space

opens possibilities

for good or for ill.

IV. Arboreal Calvary

So the tree inhales

an oxidized carbon death

and exhales new life.

V. Pedagogy of Violence

Eagle’s talons tear

iridescent salmon flesh –

the beauty in pain.

VI. The Present Age

Sempiternal rose

always blooms and always dies

under lucid skies.

VII. The Heavens

Seven Dimensions –

Permeate all creation;

present now within.





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