Four Quartets over at Eclectic Orthodoxy


[The Above Image ‘The Fire and the Rose are One” by Makoto Fujimura is a work inspired by Eliot’s final Quartet ‘Little Gidding’. To see more of Fujimura’s work inspired by Eliot, see his Four Quartets Gallery at]

Fr. Aidan Kimel is back to his meditations on TS Eliot’s Four Quartets. This work by Eliot is immense in scope and difficulty, but to the patient reader it yields treasures that are dearly earned and forever unspoiled. I might tackle a longer reflection on this work someday, but for now I am grateful for the yeoman’s work that Fr. Kimel is doing for all of us who love Eliot and his poetry.

Here is his second meditation on Little Gidding III which comprises part of Eliot’s final Quartet dealing primarily with the element of fire.

Here is the link to Kimel’s Meditations on Eliot’s Four Quartets to date.

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