Meeting the Consuming Fire of God

Fr. Kimel has a great reflection on George MacDonald’s famous (unspoken) sermon The Consuming Fire. This post is well worth the read.

Eclectic Orthodoxy

It is a fantastic fantasy, I know. Family and friends will confirm that I often entertain fantastic, even ridiculous, fantasies. Yet nontheless I dream: if every Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant pastor were to read the Unspoken Sermons of George MacDonald, the Church of Jesus Christ would experience an extraordinary revival in the Spirit. My fantasy, of course, extends to every layman; but my experience in parish ministry has taught me that congregational renewal is too often cut short by the spiritual obtuseness of the clergy, and so I focus on them. My fantasy also extends to the theologians … but they are a hard nut to crack, even for the LORD. But it’s my fantasy. Has not the Lord taught us that all things are possible?

But where to begin?  I am no where close to having read all, most, or even a goodly number of MacDonald’s sermons…

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