A Lullaby in the Storm

Don’t worry child, the flickers aren’t the

horror film projection of your nightmares,

or the fiery arrows of an intemperate god.

The rumbles aren’t the drumbeat

of giants warring in the sky,

or boulders crashing down the mountain.

The sheets of water that beat the window

beside your bed aren’t a wind-blown flood,

or a wind-tossed sea sent to capsize you.


Remember Mother Mary’s lullabies,

pull them like blankets over your ears.

Don’t fear the storm tonight, look –

look how the dark sky dances alive to the

cadence of water and light and sound.

The downpour will not drown you, no –

no, it will give way to softer showers

and the showers to softer flowers

when the sun returns to kiss the ground.


Don’t worry child the monsters cannot harm you,

they’re only shadows on the wall.


© Jedidiah Paschall – September 2018 (originally posted  9/14/2018)

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