To Hell with Them? – Part 3


As I continue to work through this series on Christian Universalism, I think it is important to reiterate that the classic doctrine of Universalism (termed in Greek as apokatastasis) as developed by the Church Fathers and later Christians in the broad-stream of orthodoxy (Eastern, Catholic, Protestant) do not deny the existence of hell. Rather, the doctrine simply states that hell is provisional, or of an appropriate age, which ties into the biblical term most often associated with the fire of hell, namely that these fires are aionian (which has been dubiously translated as ‘eternal’). So, this series is intended to urge Christians in the mainstream of the historic strands of the Christian tradition to seriously consider this doctrine. As I have moved to embrace the Universal hope of the restoration of all things, what seems to me to be at stake is the total victory of God in Christ over all evil.

These things said, as I continue to work on some of the summary material most appropriate for a blog, I will continue to post resources. The fact of the matter is I can only provide an introduction to the topic. It will be up to the readers of this series to investigate the topic more fully. The encouragement I will urge my readers with is to not reject this concept off-hand – it is one thing to disagree with arguments that are understood, another thing entirely to dismiss them without understanding their substance.

Today’s post will provide some fantastic youtube interviews and lectures. The interview of Robin Parry is from a Protestant perspective and is probably the most accessible for those who aren’t necessarily theology buffs. However, the interview of Ilaria Ramelli, a Roman Catholic scholar and one of the preeminent experts on Universalism in the early church, and the paper delivered by the Eastern Orthodox scholar David Bently Hart are more thorough and theologically rigorous treatments of the question of Universalism.

Series Posts: Part 1, Part 2, The Harrowing of Hell


6 thoughts on “To Hell with Them? – Part 3

  1. Jedidiah, Love your site. Thanks for the hard work and postings.
    I’m a friend of Robin Parry, who I noticed you posted one of his YouTube interviews. We have a team of thirty five theologians, authors, laymen (and women) – and we’re working on a group effort that might interest you.

    If so, I’ll add your email to the list. We’re taking one “hell” verse each Sunday, sending it out to everyone on the list. Then, whoever has a perspective, points to consider, insights of any sort, then sending them to a central email address where we gather and organize a RESPONSE to the passage from a Christian Universalist or Apokatastasis viewpoint.

    Some folks simply monitor the weekly progress, while others participate as they have time or a perspective they’s like to contribute. The final result will be published as well as posted on a website focusing on helping folks find answer to the “Bible Threatenings” that seem out of place and out of character of our loving and merciful God.

    If interested, feel free to call or email anytime. (I’ll be glad to email you the results to our first two weeks progress:
    Matthew 25:46 and 2 Thessalonians 1:9. We’re finishing Isaiah 66:22-24 this weekend.)

    Mike Owens

    PS – Love to be on your email list.

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  2. Thanks Mike. I appreciate your kind words about my site. I am definitely interested, I will email you shortly. I don’t currently have an email list set up, but I will be in the future, but you can follow my site through the wordpress subscription app. I’m not super active on twitter, but I do tweet my new posts from @jedidiahsjt


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