Demons & Thieves – A Novel by Brae Wyckoff



Brae Wyckoff is the founder of San Diego Kingdom Writers Association, and acclaimed fantasy author (and incidentally, a dear friend). Brae has taken his talent for storytelling and branched out of fantasy into a piece of historical fiction that still bears his uncanny knack for the extraordinary that traces the story of the two thieves on the cross. It will be coming out this month and it is well worth taking a look.

For more info see Brae’s Website: Demons & Thieves


Light Me Up – Release by Kyme Dang



I have had the pleasure of getting to know my friend Kyme Dang, a wonderfully talented artist, fashion designer, and musician through San Diego Kingdom Writer’s Association over the past year or so. Kyme is releasing her new EP, EPOCH on March 20. Kyme’s music is lyrically compelling and reminiscent of some of Common and Lauryn Hill’s soulful hip-hop. She released her single Light Me Up today, and it does not disappoint. I highly recommend checking it out and supporting this powerhouse of an artist.

Here’s the Link to the mp3 file available for download: Light Me Up

San Diego Kingdom Writers Conference

I have had the pleasure of being part of the San Diego Kingdom Writers Association for the last few months. This gathering of authors (fiction, nonfiction, screenwriting, etc.), artists, musicians and other creative individuals who desire to use their creative gifts for God’s glory and Christ’s Kingdom has been a source of tremendous encouragement and inspiration for me. It is headed up by two brilliant authors, Brae Wyckoff and Manna Ko, whose passion is to instruct and inspire men and women to take hold of their God-given passions and talents and use them to God’s glory.

So, if this is something that interests you, SDKWA is putting on a fantastic conference – the Kingdom Writers Conference in Vista, CA from July 7-10. Several seasoned Christian authors will be speaking and encouraging you to take up that pen and write what God has put in your heart.