Rise Proud Warrior

George Floyd

In Memoriam – George Floyd


Hail! proud warrior,

for that final breath

given to your people, becoming to us all

a living symbol perfected in death.


Victory! proud warrior,

belongs to you this Memorial Day, we cast garlands

on your veteran’s grave for the life you gave

fighting the longest war in Earth’s long history,

spanning now these four centuries.


Rise! proud warrior,

in the beautiful black heaven-crowned company

of kings and queens who fought before you

to belong to a country where their lives matter.


Rest! proud warrior

a chariot of fire carries you across

immortal Jordan’s shining shore,

you belong to a better country

where black men need not beg for breath.


Pray! proud warrior

for us, who mourn our sins against your people,

we come now late to battle to raise our fists and follow

your brave brothers and sisters who still fight on

until at last the long war’s won.


©Jedidiah Paschall

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