Overture: The Rooms We Inhabit, the Province of Grandmothers, a Constellation of Selves, and the Complexity of a Kiss

More from Proust in a Time of Coronavirus. Feel free to join in and read In Search of Lost Time with us while we are all social distancing. Feel free to hit me up in the comments if you have any questions.

Proust in a Time of Coronavirus

Original Manuscript of  In Search of Lost Time

It is hard to say whether these novice observations on my first reading of In Search of Lost Time will run true through the entire novel or if they will be falsified as the pages wax on. This notion in itself is perhaps the most exhilarating part of reading any new book – will my opinion of this character hold? will my perception of the author continue? has my time been well spent, or should I just resort to Norm MacDonald clips on YouTube? The questions abound and cannot find a satisfactory answer unless the voyage undertaken has at last been completed, which when approaching something truly massive as Proust’s novel is an undertaking indeed. Given the time that the social distancing from the Coronavirus is likely to leave all of us, it is my hope that some of these answers will yield themselves, and perhaps give way to better…

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