Announcement – The Damned May Enter

One of the great things about publishing the book on my website is the flexibility it allows me when it comes to structuring. I have modified the ordering of the chapters for The Damned May Enter after literally months of deliberation from its original manuscript form. What I have done is combined the middle two parts (Book II, which originally focused on Jacob and Book III, which focused on Malachi) into a larger section – what it will do is introduce some of the action at a more even pace building into a final Book III. Of course, the reader won’t be able to tell the difference, but it is somewhat of a departure from the description I gave in the introduction.

Also, I will be posting two chapters today (January 8) in order to keep up with the pace I had set beforehand. Chapter six was scheduled for today, and chapter seven is relatively short so they will both go up today. This will leave chapter eight for Thursday 1/10, and then we will get into the revised Book II starting next week. Thanks again to my readers for following along with me!

God bless,


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I live in Southern California, am married with three kids. I am a member of a Presbyterian church an author, educator, and freelance business consultant.

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