The Evangelical Calvinist on The Hope of Apocalyptic Theology



The Evangelical Calvinist:  The Hope of Apocalyptic Theology

Bobby Grow’s excellent blog, The Evangelical Calvinist is an invaluable resource for me as reader of theology. His discussion of the eschatological and apocalyptic horizons of the theological enterprise, and biblical interpretation in this post are well worth the read.

What seems to be at stake in an apocalyptic reading of the NT is the monergistic work of God’s grace (i.e. the gratuitous work of God alone) through Christ in raising the dead sinner to new life. As Bobby points out, Karl Barth sees the cross as the inflection point of the eschatological new creation, which is resonant with Athanasius. In my own interaction with the compelling theology developed by Eastern Orthodoxy, while I am drawn deeply to their insistence on theosis (the divinization of the Christian) and the participation in the Divine life, I find that this synergistic fellowship has to be anchored in the monergistic work of God in Christ alone. We can only labor in the work that has already been accomplished on our behalf; only have fellowship at the table that has already been prepared for us. For this, I am grateful for my Protestant Reformed heritage, it has much to give to the catholic body of Christ as we move ever closer to Christ and deeper into his ever-unfolding self-disclosure.


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